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Buy 1 Get 2 Wax Stick® Finishing Stick

Buy 1 Get 2 Wax Stick® Finishing Stick

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75g Broken Hair Artifact Hair Wax Stick Gel Cream Styling Hair Frizz Fixed Fluffy Children Men And Women Styling Hair Wax Stick

Hair Wax Stick Anti-Frizz Finishing Broken Hair Styling Hair Wax Stick

【Style and Frizz】Quickly tame flyaway hair. The pomade stick is enriched with castor oil to effectively tame frizz and control can use the pomade stick directly on areas of hair that need control.
【18 Nutrients】The new updated contains 18 natural phytonutrients (beeswax, E, castor oil, oil, marula...). Cheap sticks.
【Healthy and Gentle】Pure natural plant ingredients, no (does not contain any chemicals), the pomade stick will not damage your hair or scalp and can be used by pregnant women. Free, vegan.
【Repair Nourish】Deeply nourish hair, improve hair, make hair soft and smooth, and prevent dryness. Enriched with castor oil, oil, E... increased content.
[Hair Care Experts] Focus on hair care, developed by a team of hair care experts. Tens of millions of customers praise it, easy to clean, non-greasy, no gray, no frizz, no caking.
Contains: 1 * ointment wax stick

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